People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole. – Theodore Levitt A client shared their challenge with identifying clients that would be willing to take advantage of a new technology they had adopted. This technology would allow the firm to more accurately identify the potential for inconsistencies and errors in […]

  “The growth of our firm has created more challenges than it has benefits.” This is a quote from the principal of a 660-person construction firm that has been growing quickly. They went from 300 to 660 employees in just 4 years and have felt the growing pains. Several additional comments from their executive team: […]

If you manage a professional services firm you have most likely seen numerous reports, charts, and other data measuring the financial performance of your projects.  You have surely seen metrics of profitability, revenue, aged accounts, and more. These are usually mapped across an axis of time (monthly revenue, for example). However, none of these reports […]

Do you remember playing the telephone game as a child? One friend would start with a sentence and the sentence would work its way around the circle. By the time it got to you it was a garbled circus of word entertainment. The point of the game was to illustrate how things are lost in […]