I heard a speaker say recently, “There is no reason for any firm to apologize for its need to make a profit.” He was right. Profitability is essential to the health of any business and necessary to enable the business to continue to grow and provide jobs for its employees and service to its clients. […]

It doesn’t have to. I recently had dinner with a client while at an industry event. He’s the young leader of a regional office for a larger firm. He shared his story: “Six hundred percent growth in just a couple years. Most of my peers would envy what we’ve done. I’m not sure my staff […]

From time to time, Client Savvy selects a client, takes a chunk of their recent data and conducts a linguistic analysis to give them deeper insight into what their clients are saying. We believe that as important as numerical analysis is to understanding client perceptions, linguistic analysis is useful because it focuses on more of […]

At Client Savvy, one of our core values is to be community makers. Specifically, our goal is to build communities of individuals around the focus of client experience (CX). Why do we do this? To help our clients differentiate their firms, increase growth and profitability, and retain key talent. Our values and goals drive our […]

What is the emotion you want your clients to feel when they think about working with you? This is the question I asked several clients recently. It’s one of those questions I thought I knew the answer to but also realized I would be looking at the answer through my lens. I needed to hear […]