We all have brands we love because they deliver on their promise and their promise relieves us of some pain, anxiety, or frustration. In this post, I looked at some brands Client Savvy team members love to see if I can connect the dots between the customer experience (CX) those brands deliver and the world […]

Surprised when your clients leave? Give them voice and you’ll never be surprised again. “We don’t need a Voice of Client (VoC) Feedback program at our firm. Our project managers talk to our clients all the time.” This was what Bill, the CEO of a mid-sized engineering firm told me about nine months ago. Recently, […]

I have a few brands I love. Like many people, I fly Southwest any chance I can – even choosing connections and higher ticket prices just to stay in the brand. But we all know these consumer brands and their stories. Southwest, along with Ritz Carlton, Amazon, Chick-Fil-A, and the other darlings of customer experience […]

We’ve all been there. You’re standing at a concierge desk or a check-out counter or you are on the phone with customer service, and it is like talking to a wall. Some policy or procedure or bureaucratic rule has trumped common sense. A week ago, I was preparing to go on a mini vacation. After […]