Hailstorm, roof damage, great CX Yes, you read that right! Believe it or not, by providing an exceptional client or customer experience (CX), your firm can turn an ordinary or undesirable situation into a moment of delight. Revenue growth, referrals, and cross-selling opportunities become low-hanging fruit when it comes to CX focused initiatives. Living in […]

What typically happens is a committee of people (principals, marketers, project managers, and anyone else in earshot) sit in a room and brainstorm questions they’d like to ask.  The result is a hodgepodge of overlapping and sometimes un-related questions – usually, a list too long to be practical. Since 2004, Client Savvy has been researching […]

What is sociolinguistics? Sociolinguistics is the study of how people use language in society. Sociolinguists study the unwritten rules we all follow subconsciously when using language. They identify how we employ various strategies to achieve the desired outcome. In other words: they study the “grammar of communication.” Why do I need a linguist? Language is […]

Developing and sustaining a strong Client Experience (CX) Playbook (and Culture) is an iterative process. It takes time and consistent alignment with your firm’s CX Culture definition and processes. These six rules can help you in the development and implementation of your CX Playbook. Rule #1 – Balance prescription with latitude This rule is both […]

I heard a speaker say recently, “There is no reason for any firm to apologize for its need to make a profit.  ”He was right. Profitability is essential to the health of any business. Furthermore, it’s necessary to enable a business to continue to grow and provide jobs for its employees as well as service […]