When we talk to professional services firms, we hear fear and concern from client-facing professionals about the feedback process. All too often, many firms are taking client feedback personally. Often afraid to pursue the practice at all due to fears of needing to change a process, or learning a client doesn’t think too highly of […]

More and more professional services firms are exploring integrating client experience engagement and data-driven client experience programs into their core business processes. Client Savvy is frequently asked, “who is the best person to send the feedback request to a client?” The answer is “The person with the client relationship.” We found an interesting trend within […]

Overdelivering may be hurting your profitability. Consider this interesting and not uncommon scenario we see with many professional services companies after they’ve implemented a customer experience management program, and have analyzed their Client Feedback scores. Below is the answer scale we use for our Client Feedback Tool. Every question is posed based on this format. […]

Successful professional services firms are adopting and implementing data-driven decision-making to drive more revenue, repeat business, and referrals. Data is a good place to start the feedback and client experience process. And, the Client Feedback Tool is great at getting feedback and data (here’s a case study). However, the scores you get back from the […]