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I attended the SMPS Research Triangle event recently and had the pleasure of hearing Danielle Gray share tips and tricks for extracting data from technical professionals. There was plenty of laughter as Danielle described personas for the technical professionals she’s worked with including Timmy Too Busy, Kara Don’t Cara, Sampson the Champion, and Neil Knows it all. We could all relate.

However, more importantly, we learned in that hour that WE CAN get the insights we need from the technical professionals we work with to create the blogs and other marketing content critical to both attracting and nurturing our clients and prospects. Email me at sally@clientsavvy.com if you’d like a copy of my notes. I’m happy to share.

Imagine how pleased I was when later than day, a new blog post from Tim Asimos (circle S studio) arrived in my inbox. While Danielle had given me some insight on how I could get the information I needed, Tim armed with me the ammunition I needed to speak to each of my technical personas.  In his post, 7 Compelling Reasons Your Firm Should Be Blogging, Tim demonstrates the importance of leveraging the knowledge of your team to share information with your clients and prospects.

No spoiler alert here, but I want to talk about Tim’s Reason #6 – Attract prospects and generate leads. One goal we hear clients talk about a lot is the desire to take their existing service offerings into new geographic regions. Did you realize you can use your Blog to help you achieve this goal? Demonstrating your expertise by capturing (and sharing) the technical knowledge within your firm allows you to be seen as an expert even before you have met potential client(s). Once your content is written and posted, you can use your social media channels to share a link to your blog with a targeted group that matches your desired demographics. If you set a cadence of sharing content regularly with your new market, you will raise the awareness of your firm as an expert in your field. This sets the stage nicely for that phone call and in-person meeting.

Click here to learn more about Reason #6 and the other compelling reasons your firm should be blogging.

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