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Our Expertise

Creating your Client Experience (CX) Strategy is not about doing “one more thing.” The goal of design and implementation is to integrate your CX strategy with your existing processes as a means of creating the path of overall success. Let’s get Savvy.

CX Strategy

When you design your strategic priorities using Client Experience (CX) as your lens, you consider the impact to your clients as an integrated part of the planning process. Everything is connected which results in positive team engagement and increased growth through client referrals. Let us help you identify how to integrate CX into your existing culture. Click HERE to read Neumann Monson’s Case Study.

VoC Program

Measurement of your clients’ perception is a critical component of implementing your CX Strategy. What is the impact of the changes you have made? Are your clients responding positively? Our Client Feedback Tool lets you measure on an ongoing basis. With robust reporting and analysis capabilities, you can quickly demonstrate the ROI of your efforts. Click HERE to read Getting Started with Electronic Feedback.

Insight Analysis

Are you measuring and evaluating your clients’ lifetime value? Client Savvy uses quantitative analytics to capture trends, identify catalysts, and measure the impacts to your business. Not all prospects are equal and understanding your statistical footprint provides a unique sightline into who, when, and how to target your best opportunities. Email us at answers@clientsavvy.com to learn more.

Empathy Mapping

Do you know your clients’ emotional needs, drivers, fears, questions, and anxieties? Client Empathy Mapping is a powerful tool that allows you to answer questions and minimize fear and anxiety simply through your understanding and awareness. Empathy Mapping can be used to create winning proposals, reduce client and/or employee churn, and increase loyalty. Click HERE to read Getting Started with Empathy Mapping.

Linguistic Analysis

Linguistic analysis provides insight into the sentiments, meaning, and themes present in the comments that accompany feedback scores. They often provide insight into where a score came from and reveal further issues or successes not directly related to the question asked. Whatever your process for gathering feedback from your clients, we can work with you to turn your data into actionable insights. Click HERE to read a sample Linguistic Analysis Summary Report.

Seller-Doer Training

If you are like most firms we speak to, you rely on your ‘doers’ to be ‘sellers’ as well. For a variety of reasons technical professionals often struggle with the skills that are critical to growing business. Our Seller-Doer Business Development Training guides participants through the skills they need to develop business development strategies, deepen relationships, and ultimately win more work. Email us at answers@clientsavvy.com to learn more.

Journey Mapping

Understanding your client’s experience from the moment of first engagement to the ongoing relationship building with your team from their perspective will separate you from your competitors. No relationship is perfect. Recognizing where your clients might experience friction working is powerful. Click HERE to download 30-minute webinar on Building Trust with Client Journey Mapping.

Change Management

Change management success relies on the endorsement and buy-in of stakeholders from top to bottom. Having strategic governance, communicating vision, and processes that foster the end result increase your chances of success. Client Savvy guides you through best practices to establish the support structures needed to turn implementation into return on investment. Email us at answers@clientsavvy.com to learn more.

Employee Experience

“Your clients’ experience is only as good as your least engaged employee,” according to CXps 2018 speaker Donna Cutting. She’s right. In a time when Client Experience (CX) is your firm’s differentiator; what is the impact to your firm if your values do not permeate the entire firm? Like CX, Employee Experience (EX) is a journey. Click HERE to start yours – Empower your team to create great client experiences. 

Client SavvySM services include: Business and market research surveys; business management consulting/strategic planning/business advisory services, and related business management information services in client specific fields; and on-line computer services enabling registered users to gather, review, and respond to feedback from their clients.