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Client Experience Strategy

Delivering great client experiences requires every member of your team to understand their role. That takes planning. Regardless of where your firm is on the development of a Client Experience (CX) Strategy, our team can provide you with resources and tools to keep you moving forward.


Change Management

Does your team cringe when they hear the word “change?” For many firms, this word is translated by their staff as having to do “one more thing.” It doesn’t have to be that way. CX is not about doing one more thing, it’s about doing the same things a bit differently. Let us show you how.


Client Lifetime Value

Do you have all the data you need to make important investments and business decisions about client value? Client profitability is an important metric. Understanding your clients’ perception about working with your firm as it correlates with profitability puts you ahead of the curve.



Empathy Mapping

Knowledge is power. This simple, yet powerful exercise lets you quickly, clearly, and simply build a better picture of the underlying drivers of your clients. Understanding what’s important to your clients lets you differentiate the way you provide services to them.


Client Journey Mapping

Has your team ever asked, “I wonder what our clients think about working with our firm?” As competition increases, exposing any potential client service delivery challenges lets you eliminate any potential friction to create great client experiences.


Client Experience Training

Unless you limit your client’s interaction to just a few individuals (or just you), how can you ensure your their “end” experience is positive? When your team understands what their response should be in different situations, you increase the likelihood that each client interaction will build loyalty.


Client Feedback Tool

Client Listening Program

Saying “We talk to our clients,” doesn’t make your firm different. Including a client listening program into your service delivery that lets your clients share what’s on their mind throughout your work with them makes you different.


Real-time Analysis & Reporting

Our Client Feedback tool gives you access to real-time data about what your clients are thinking about working with you and your team. Give your team the opportunity to easily make mid-course corrections (if needed) to influence your clients experience of the final outcome of the project.


Client Insight Dashboards

As part of your client experience training with your team, take advantage of our Client Insight Dashboards that give everyone clarity on their client responsibilities.