There’s a disconnect between CEOs and Client Feedback. 80% of CEOs believe their businesses have a compelling client experience (CX) journey. Yet, it’s been proven that only 8% of clients agree. This phenomenon is known as the Client Experience Gap. What’s the cause of the divide? Where did the disconnect begin? I blame the internet. […]

Sound fundamentals drive successful client experience. When one mentions the name Chick-fil-A®, visions of a tasty chicken sandwich and waffle fries come to mind. However, when it comes to marketing and business development, Chick-fil-A becomes synonymous with superior service. They give the customer more than they expect. Corporate Philosophy The company was founded in the […]

“We’re leaving revenue on the table.” “Do your clients even know we offer other services?” “The more services we offer to our clients, the deeper our relationship will be.” Do any of these statements sound familiar? Although cross-selling can be an easy way to increase revenue, lower marketing costs, and extend your firm’s relationships deeper […]

You may think, what? I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. I read an article recently that shared research from Dr. Daniel Kahneman’s “Peak/End” study and supported ensuring that each of your client’s interactions with your team is positive. In the study, Dr. Kahneman compared two groups of patients. The first group received a […]

Most people have a go-to laundry detergent. When they need to replenish their supply, they head to the cleaning aisle, find their brand of choice, and put it into their cart without a second thought. Have you ever asked someone why they use the brand they use? Sometimes the answer is “it’s cheapest,” but most […]

Empathy. That’s a tough word. It might even be frightening. Don’t worry. We’ll get through this together. Client Empathy Mapping (CEM) is a fairly simple exercise that will transform your firm’s way of thinking about how you engage with your clients. It will create awareness, build value and allow you to design a framework and […]

What would you say if I told you it is possible to: Reduce the number of client relationships each of your project managers must manage, Increase individual project profitability and overall revenue growth, Provide your clients with a better experience working with your firm, and Reduce the risk of key talent burnout (or worse) And, […]

It is all about increasing or decreasing.  Increasing revenue and/or decreasing costs.  Using a CX strategy to improve sales and/or decrease marketing costs. Leaders must tie CX to business results. Everyone wants to have the best experiences for their clients.  Some even feel that driving up their overall client satisfaction score (sometimes at all costs) […]

In my humble opinion, it doesn’t take much leadership courage to carry a flag for improvements to the client/customer experience.  Compared to hoisting the improved profitability flag quarter after quarter, the weight of engaging employees on something the employees have an emotional attachment to has to be a more fulfilling and fruitful pursuit.  Where are […]

It’s not what you do – it is the experience you provide. When was the last time you attended an industry meeting that did NOT highlight the plight of commoditization? defines the word:  “almost total lack of meaningful differentiation in the goods (or services) provided“. So how do you avoid commoditization and differentiate your […]