It doesn’t have to. I recently had dinner with a client while at an industry event. He’s the young leader of a regional office for a larger firm. He shared his story: “Six hundred percent growth in just a couple years. Most of my peers would envy what we’ve done. I’m not sure my staff […]

What would you say if I told you it is possible to: Reduce the number of client relationships each of your project managers must manage, Increase individual project profitability and overall revenue growth, Provide your clients with a better experience working with your firm, and Reduce the risk of key talent burnout (or worse) And, […]

It’s not what you do – it is the experience you provide. When was the last time you attended an industry meeting that did NOT highlight the plight of commoditization? defines the word:  “almost total lack of meaningful differentiation in the goods (or services) provided“. So how do you avoid commoditization and differentiate your […]