Hailstorm, roof damage, great CX Yes, you read that right! Believe it or not, by providing an exceptional client or customer experience (CX), your firm can turn an ordinary or undesirable situation into a moment of delight. Revenue growth, referrals, and cross-selling opportunities become low-hanging fruit when it comes to CX focused initiatives. Living in […]

When a firm considers how to create client strategy through permissive feedback programs, but without a real purpose or a solid plan, other than “finding problems”, it’s lackluster. The result – increased workload for your team, and a minimal chance of anything beneficial being done with the data collected. This leaves both your team and […]

A Culture-Obsessed Quantum Change or a Hologram? Leaders of professional services firms are tasked with implementing Client Experience (CX) programs. Then again, they are often looking for the best way to implement CX without distraction from the day-to-day business operations.  In some cases, CX leaders strapped with low levels of executive and employee support, feel […]