Client Savvy Case Studies

At Client Savvy, it begins with a story. The Client’s story. What the following client stories have in common is growth, and profitability. How? Through the design and implementation of an intentional CX strategy.

Relationship Building

McDonald York puts Client Experience (CX) at the center of its business. Using training, collaboration, and technology, McDonald York continues to strengthen client relationships while maintaining ongoing profitability. What has been the key to their success?

Client Listening

SME launched its Client Listening (Voice of Client or VoC) program with a small pilot group to test out the Client Feedback Tool (CFT). Integrating our VoC program into their service delivery operation delivered extraordinary benefits of understanding client perception.

Managing Expectations

WithersRavenel discovered that even their best, long-term clients can find it challenging to share their concerns. Oftentimes, the client resists transparency to not jeopardize the relationship. So what steps did WithersRavenel take, and how did Client Savvy help?

Balance Approach

Neumann Monson (NM) blended their team’s values and expertise with their clients’ input and needs. Finding the balance between being focusing from the “Inside-Out” and the “Outside-In” took time, commitment, and engagement from the entire NM team. Here’s an honest look at their journey.

Get Started With Client Experience

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