We’ve all seen it on countless competitor websites: “We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations!” It’s a seemingly innocuous statement, a badge of honor in many industries. But what if there’s a better approach? What if exceeding expectations, while well-intentioned, actually undermines your value proposition? This article challenges the traditional “exceeding expectations” mantra used throughout […]

I heard a speaker say recently, “There is no reason for any firm to apologize for its need to make a profit.  ”He was right. Profitability is essential to the health of any business. Furthermore, it’s necessary to enable a business to continue to grow and provide jobs for its employees as well as service […]

There’s a disconnect between CEOs and Client Feedback. 80% of CEOs believe their businesses have a compelling client experience (CX) journey. Yet, it’s been proven that only 8% of clients agree. This phenomenon is known as the Client Experience Gap. What’s the cause of the divide? Where did the disconnect begin? I blame the internet. […]

The power of client feedback improves relationships, decreases churn rate, and increases revenue. Eighty-five percent of small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) say client feedback has been beneficial to their business in some way. This is especially true for professional service providers and anyone whose business depends on having clients or benefits from client referrals. Do you want […]

Does your company struggle to define and measure client feedback? It’s not just people or products, but processes. For professional services companies to capture sufficient nuance to understand what’s going on with their client’s expectations, they need to measure the right thing. We know feedback and voice of customer (VOC) is about client perceptions – […]

When we talk to professional services firms, we hear fear and concern from client-facing professionals about the feedback process. All too often, many firms are taking client feedback personally. Often afraid to pursue the practice at all due to fears of needing to change a process, or learning a client doesn’t think too highly of […]

More and more professional services firms are exploring integrating client experience engagement and data-driven client experience programs into their core business processes. Client Savvy is frequently asked, “who is the best person to send the feedback request to a client?” The answer is “The person with the client relationship.” We found an interesting trend within […]