As the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in your firm, you have the opportunity to influence your clients’ end-to-end relationship with client experience management. Your organization and your team will give you superhero status when you implement a successful, data-driven client experience management initiative. I’m just scratching the surface of the benefits to your marketing team […]

As a firm leader, you get it. You understand that your clients are already having an “experience” working with your firm. You also know that their experience working with your firm is not always consistent and you and your team are still spending more time than you’d prefer putting out fires. You’ve read the articles […]

We all have brands we love because they deliver on their promise and their promise relieves us of some pain, anxiety, or frustration. In this post, I looked at some brands Client Savvy team members love to see if I can connect the dots between the customer experience (CX) those brands deliver and the world […]

Surprised when your clients leave? Give them voice and you’ll never be surprised again. “We don’t need a Voice of Client (VoC) Feedback program at our firm. Our project managers talk to our clients all the time.” This was what Bill, the CEO of a mid-sized engineering firm told me about nine months ago. Recently, […]

I have a few brands I love. Like many people, I fly Southwest any chance I can – even choosing connections and higher ticket prices just to stay in the brand. But we all know these consumer brands and their stories. Southwest, along with Ritz Carlton, Amazon, Chick-Fil-A, and the other darlings of customer experience […]

If you manage a professional services firm you have most likely seen numerous reports, charts, and other data measuring the financial performance of your projects.  You have surely seen metrics of profitability, revenue, aged accounts, and more. These are usually mapped across an axis of time (monthly revenue, for example). However, none of these reports […]

You are leaving me? Who will I call at your firm? I’m lost without you You lost your champion at one of your key clients. Maybe they retired, maybe they went and found a new job, either way, it’s not easy. You’ve spent years working with *THAT* person. You know their kid’s favorite sports, their […]