Integrate client experience management into your digital transformation initiatives to accelerate the benefits and returns of each. Professional services firms are realizing the importance of technology and data to the success of their business. The professional services sector is seeing a wide performance gap between those firms that are using technology well, and those that […]

What were your biggest client experience surprises in 2020? As we wrap up a very unusual year, we reached out to client experience professionals to ask what they have been surprised about with regards to CX over the past 12 months and what they see on the horizon in 2021. Here’s what we learned: 2020 […]

What’s the difference between client experience and customer experience? Similar to the difference between a client and a customer. You typically strive to have long-term relationships with clients while your relationships with customers tend to be more short-term and transactional. Professional services firms have relationships. Retail firms have transactions.

Hailstorm, roof damage, great CX Yes, you read that right! Believe it or not, by providing an exceptional client or customer experience (CX), your firm can turn an ordinary or undesirable situation into a moment of delight. Revenue growth, referrals, and cross-selling opportunities become low-hanging fruit when it comes to CX focused initiatives. Living in […]

I heard a speaker say recently, “There is no reason for any firm to apologize for its need to make a profit.  ”He was right. Profitability is essential to the health of any business. Furthermore, it’s necessary to enable a business to continue to grow and provide jobs for its employees as well as service […]