Do you remember playing the telephone game as a child? One friend would start with a sentence and the sentence would work its way around the circle. By the time it got to you it was a garbled circus of word entertainment. The point of the game was to illustrate how things are lost in […]

You are leaving me? Who will I call at your firm? I’m lost without you You lost your champion at one of your key clients. Maybe they retired, maybe they went and found a new job, either way, it’s not easy. You’ve spent years working with *THAT* person. You know their kid’s favorite sports, their […]

“We’re leaving revenue on the table.” “Do your clients even know we offer other services?” “The more services we offer to our clients, the deeper our relationship will be.” Do any of these statements sound familiar? Although cross-selling can be an easy way to increase revenue, lower marketing costs, and extend your firm’s relationships deeper […]