B2B Customer Empathy Mapping For Professional Services Firms

Client Experience Strategy For Professional Service Firms

Transform your firm’s way of thinking, create awareness, build value, and focus your team on improving your clients’ experience (CX).

What Is B2B Customer

Empathy Mapping?

B2B Customer Empathy Mapping, or Client Empathy Mapping, is a simple way to visualize the totality of a client’s experience. A Client Empathy Map allows you to quickly, clearly, and simply build a better picture of the underlying drivers of your clients, and then pro-actively respond to those needs.

The Client Empathy Mapping Process For Professional Services Firms

The way your clients respond says a lot. We help you measure their emotional needs, drivers, fears, questions, and anxieties through Empathy Mapping. You can use this powerful tool to create winning proposals, reduce client and/or employee churn, and increase loyalty.

Get a deeper understanding of your clients

Then design an experience with greater confidence that it will meet their needs and address any underlying concerns they may have.

Kickstart your client experience program

Use empathy tools to ignite excitement from your team towards CX. There’s no faster way to curate insights to spark service innovation.

Increase share of wallet with key clients

Gain deeper insights into what your clients care about most, then adapt to meet their needs better than your competitors.

Understand how to maximize stakeholder buy-in

Time is costly – especially in professional service firms — but diverse perspectives from many players build better maps and ultimately provide an excellent experience.

Get Actionable Help In All Stages Of Client Empathy Mapping

Get help creating customized maps for your clients while creating excitement around client experience thinking. Then, get a prioritized list of the actions you can take to improve that experience.

We provide the framework and tools

We train your staff on the methodology

We facilitate the mapping team through the exercise

We provide feedback, pulling out the best thinking

We organize the discoveries into themes and prioritize them, delivering:

  • Documented client persona
  • Documented client empathy map
  • Client empathy map report
  • Summary
  • Themes
  • Action plan

Empathy Mapping Services FAQ

How long does a CEM take to create?

Maps vary in complexity depending on your need. However, most firms are able to create a compelling map in a half-day onsite workshop, or over three virtual sessions lasting ~90 minutes each.

Who should be involved in creating a CEM?

Any size team can create a Client Empathy Map, with ideal teams being 10 – 20 in size. Larger teams can move faster, and assure a more complete picture of the client’s world. Diverse teams are encouraged, including front-line professionals, leaders, and back-of-house support staff.

What do I do with my map when done?

Each Client Empathy Mapping session generates a prioritized list of potential service / experience innovations you and your team can implement. If you need assistance with implementation, Client Savvy can help!

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