Employee Engagement Platform For Professional Service Firms

Client Experience Strategy For Professional Service Firms

Empower your team to create great employee experience (EX) with Client Savvy’s suite of tools and services that help you design, implement, and measure impacts of employee engagement as a strategy.

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Powerful Employee Engagement Platform

An Employee Engagement Platform, or software, is a set of communication tools that allow firms to track employee engagement to positively impact the overall success and growth of your organization. An Employee Engagement Platform is used to measure the direct influence of employee actions to implement new strategies, as well as identify and overcome challenges to breed and nurture a work environment that is capable of producing exponential growth.

Employee Surveys: Our employee engagement survey tool is tailored to capture your employees' feelings and perceptions as well as how your organization is meeting their expectations. By gauging their engagement, you can identify areas of improvement and foster a healthier, more motivated workplace.

Discussion Forums: An integral part of our employee engagement tool, this solution provides a digital space where employees can collaborate, share insights, and discuss company initiatives. Through open communication, every team member feels part of the larger conversation.

CustomerFeedback Tools: As a complementary feature to our employee engagement survey platform, we offer tools to integrate feedback from your customers. Measuring their perceptions allows you to align employee strategies with client needs, setting the standard for unparalleled service delivery.

Performance Analytics Dashboard: Embedded within our virtual employee engagement platform, this dashboard gives a real-time, visual representation of employee engagement metrics. With easy-to-read charts and graphs, you can track and improve the impact of your engagement initiatives and identify meaningful trends.

Recognition and Reward System: A cornerstone of our employee engagement platform, this system empowers managers to acknowledge outstanding performance. By celebrating achievements and milestones, you're reinforcing a culture of appreciation and excellence.

Our digital employee engagement platform ensures a comprehensive approach to understanding and enhancing the workplace environment, positioning your firm for continued success.

Empower Your Team To Make Impactful Decisions With Employee Engagement Surveys & Software

Client Savvy’s employee engagement surveys are a fantastic way to give your employees a forum to discuss how they feel about their success within the company. Providing your employees an avenue to express their wants and needs and feel acknowledged allows them to envision further development in their role within the company and a continued desire for overall team success.

Gather employee feedback organically

Client Savvy’s employee engagement surveys are designed to facilitate a listening culture of great employee experiences in a consistent, repeatable format.

Encourage your employees to share meaningful experiences

With a formalized platform to discuss great experiences, employees can share their wins and develop trends within your firm that other employees can learn from.

Develop a culture of sensible decision-making

Empowering employees to make decisions without fear of failure sparks creative conversations and creates a culture centered around client excellence.

Quantify Employee Experience Initiatives With Client Feedback

Empowering your employees with surveys and tools is just one opportunity in our Client Experience toolbelt. Take it a step further with quantifying how those perceived employee experiences are impacting your clients’ perceptions.

Combine Client Feedback Tools to measure your impact

Using Client Savvy’s customer feedback tools such as the Voice of Customer services, you can measure the impact of your team’s actions and positively influence your clients’ perceptions.

Reinforce your focus on client needs through feedback

Use client acknowledgment through tools as a catalyst to reinforce their positive feelings towards your efforts.

Positively influence client perceptions and employee goodwill

Use data to identify ways to serve your clients better and build a client-centric culture.

Employee Engagement

for Professional Services Firms

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Who is Client Savvy?

Established in 2004, Client Savvy has been at the forefront of helping professional service companies decode the mystery of their clients' expectations. With our employee engagement measurement tool, we aim to convert insights into tangible company improvements, leading to increased business. With our consultative approach, we merge our proprietary software technologies and hands-on advisory services, offering a comprehensive employee communication and engagement platform. Perfecting both the customer and employee experience (CX and EX) might seem daunting, but with Client Savvy, it becomes an intuitive, collaborative journey.

Our Process for Optimal Employee Engagement

Consultative Listening

Our employee engagement assessment tool is not just another piece of software; it's an approach emphasizing understanding. By blending patented technology with expert advisory services, we curate feedback templates that resonate with your team. This collected data is housed in an integrated, easy-to-analyze system.

Meet & Discuss

Employee Feedback Analysis: Feedback is a treasure trove of insights. Using our employee engagement feedback tool, we help you dive deep into the sentiments behind each response. We work side by side to ensure that you not only understand these insights but also have a concrete action plan based on them.

Implement Your Approach For Results

Insights are the first step; actionable strategies are the destination. Our professional advisory services guide you, ensuring you transition smoothly from feedback to tangible improvements.

Our Employee Engagement Platform

Dive into Client Savvy's unique blend of technology and empathy. Our platform brings tools like Empathy Mapping to grasp the emotional drivers and concerns of your team and Linguistic Analysis for a deep dive into sentiments. With features inspired by our Customer Feedback Tool – such as real-time alerts, patented scoring mechanisms, and customizable templates – our employee communication and engagement platform is a beacon for firms aiming to uplift their employee experience, harmonizing it with the excellence of customer experiences.

Get Started With Employee Experience

If you want to get started on your EX journey, or even just explore what EX means at your firm, contact us today to schedule a video meet and greet so we can show you how we can empower your firm to make positive EX changes.