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Client Experience Strategy For Professional Service Firms

What if we told you that our Client Feedback Tool can not only provide you impactful insight into your business but will help you make sales without the hard-selling?

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One In Four Clients Has An Unvoiced Complaint. What Are You Doing About It?

The average professional services firm has 7% of their clients at risk of departure, while one in four clients has an unvoiced complaint. We can help. Our Client Feedback software was built for professional service firms to integrate client feedback into complex client journeys with complex account-based relationships while driving accountability for your team to take appropriate and timely reactions to received feedback.

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How Are You Reacting To Client Feedback?

Every client journey is unique, and a flexible yet tailored tool is needed to capture these interactions while respecting the autonomy of individual professionals.

Using other ways to log and respond to feedback (or not tracking it at all) results in missed opportunities and revenue that slips through the cracks.

Generic survey tools aren’t designed to track feedback and close feedback loops during a client’s complex journey.

not automated

risk of human error

not user-friendly

not specific to client feedback

no accountability

How Much Is It Costing

Your Company?

The failure to properly capture and react to client interactions result in nearly two-thirds of client referrals being missed, while 28% of clients are being undercharged. Depending on your service cost, this can add up to thousands upon thousands of dollars in missed business revenue.

Here’s How Our Client Feedback Software Can Boost Your Bottom Line

  • Our feedback requests boast a high average response rate of 41%
  • The closed-loop feedback process increases Net Promoter Score by 17 points on average
  • We possess the most reliable & accurate mechanism to identify hidden client problems (380% more pain points discovered than via NPS alone)
  • Our tool’s closed-loop accountability reduces repeat client frustrations by 83%
  • Our personalized communication strategy increases qualitative feedback by 500%
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Features And Advantages Of Our

Client Feedback Tool

Our B2B customer feedback tool for professional services works by streamlining your feedback from start to finish, beginning with collection, all the way through follow-up to ensure each client’s unique journey is accounted for and properly responded to. This system ensures you receive repeat business and referrals from your satisfied clients. The features and advantages of the client feedback software include:

Patented Scoring Mechanism: Captures unambiguous sentiments and increases awareness of friction points.

Personal Sending: The sender impersonation feature increases open rates, response rates and encourages authentic feedback.

Real-time alerts: The right people will know immediately when client feedback needs attention to accelerate closing feedback loops and driving accountability.

Customizable, automated algorithm-powered coaching guides: Equips front-line professionals to confidently and effectively take action on captured feedback – whether rescuing a failed relationship or activating a promoter to capture more revenue.

Follow-up & accountability tracking: Easily see which professionals need to follow up with which clients to close feedback loops.

Project-centric feedback plans with scheduled client check-ins: Execute feedback integrated into project management plans at key milestones and critical moments of truth.

Built-in project, account, and organizational metadata: Each feedback request and response is reportable by client, industry, business unit, project manager, client manager, and more – enabling segmentation and reporting that aligns with your existing reporting structures.

Organizational hierarchy support: Enables complex security, alerting, and reporting designs to make sure the right people see the right information at the right time.

Support for the Net Promoter System ™ with real-time industry benchmarking: Understand your firm’s position in the market to drive growth and competitive edge.

Open API for integration with third-party platforms: Trigger surveys from existing workflows (e.g., billing milestones) and integrate feedback results into CRM or other datastores. 

Out-of-the-box integrations with Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint and Salesforce: ​​Quick, proven, affordable integration with dominant industry platforms improves automation and data integrity.

Automated approval workflows: When using scheduled or automated surveys, project/client managers are able to approve a survey before it’s delivered, assuring all communications are thoughtfully executed.

Thousands of pre-configured industry feedback templates: Gain valuable, actionable feedback from day 1 based on proven questions and survey approaches.

Batch feedback processes: Deploy hundreds or thousands of feedback requests in minutes, including one-time, scheduled, and recurring surveys.

Configurable survey fatigue prevention rules: Automatically prevents survey fatigue by suppressing surveys to contacts who may be working on multiple concurrent projects. 

Configurable feedback reports with thousands of potential report combinations: Visual and tabular reports enables clear action plans and informed decision-making.

Mobile/cross-platform support: Engage clients no matter where they are – in the office or in the field.

Configurable scheduled reports: Receive the weekly/monthly reports you & leadership need, automatically.

Client Feedback Tool

for Professional Services Firms

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Get Started With Client Experience

If you want to get started on your CX journey, or even just explore what CX means at your firm, contact us today to schedule a video meet and greet so we can show you how we can empower your firm to make positive CX changes.

Why Client Savvy?

Build the client experience your target audience expects through the customer feedback tool that harnesses advanced technology to deliver insights that professional service providers can rely on.

Our user feedback tools support your team in gaining valuable information from every interaction. We understand that within the sales environment, every user journey is a unique one.

With our customer feedback service, you can collect positives, negatives, and everything in between to carve a seamless experience that elevates your brand and its products.Our B2B customer feedback tool for professional services works by streamlining your feedback from start to finish, beginning with collection, all the way through follow-up to ensure each client’s unique journey is accounted for and properly responded to.

This system ensures you receive repeat business and referrals from your satisfied clients. The features and advantages of the client feedback software include:

Our advanced feedback tracking platform pushes your team’s metrics forward on all fronts. Our automated, intuitive approach to the modern sales ecosystem helps organizations build a client base by putting their experiences first.

Be more client savvy with the customer feedback software that gives you a cutting-edge advantage over the competition. Get started with the industry-leading advanced customer feedback platform by talking to one of our CX advisors today.

Customer Feedback Tool FAQs

What is a customer feedback tool?

A feedback platform is a software solution designed for businesses that need to build and distribute surveys to learn more about their client’s experiences. Client Savvy goes one step further because we provide you with the questions to ask in our feedback software.

How can a customer feedback tool help me improve my offerings?

Feedback tools for management support you in learning what your target audience truly wants from your products and services. Gaining feedback on features, drawbacks, and pricing can support your company in achieving greater success.

Can you help me identify what questions I should ask my customers?

Yes! We understand that you need to track customer feedback based on your business’s experiences. Our automated feedback management tool utilizes state-of-the-art analytics to help you ask the right questions, providing them directly in our software.

Our CX advisors work directly with you to create and design experience programs for your ideal clients.