Customer Sentiment Analysis For Professional Services Firms

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Client feedback comes from a variety of sources and can be extremely beneficial for your business. Through Customer Sentiment Analysis, your professional service firm can gain a better understanding of what your clients really want and need in order to improve your sales strategies and your bottom line.

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What is Customer Sentiment Analysis?

Customer Sentiment Analysis is the process of reviewing and interpreting client feedback from a multitude of data points in order to identify patterns and trends. By understanding what your clients like and don't like, you can begin to make more informed decisions about your services, therefore creating the opportunity for substantial business growth.

A recent two-year case study showed a 36% higher revenue capture rate and a higher average contract value with the implementation of Client Savvy’s Insight Analysis

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Use Insight Analysis To Strengthen Your Operating Data (OD)

An increasing number of professional service firms are adopting a highly analytical, data-driven approach to better serve their clients, and it's easy to see why. The data from Insight Analysis combined with your company's operating data empowers your team members to analyze real feedback to turn it into increasingly valuable knowledge that helps your business grow.

Using Insight Analysis, you are given the power to make better, more rational business decisions by taking advantage of the framework we provide. You'll gain insight from qualitative and quantitative feedback to further analyze:

Client churn and feedback that provides reasoning

Impacts on revenue and margin

Client needs over time and in comparison to the competition

Potential areas for service enhancement or entirely new services

Operational process improvement recommendations

Insight Analysis is not a one-time event, but a process that should be revisited regularly. The type and amount of data we collect will depend on your business, but it's important to have an Insight Analysis process in place to regularly review feedback from clients to make the most of this valuable information.

Did you know unhappy clients, or detractors, are unlikely to do business with you in the year after their contract expires? When Client Savvy identifies a detractor through Insight Analysis, you can potentially turn this around and make them happy.

Use Insight Analysis to answer:

Which of my clients have bad experiences and are likely to be detractors?

How can I make an informed decision on how to turn detractors into potential promoters?

How much do I need to invest to save an unhappy client account?

What common themes can I find amongst clients that are happiest with my services?

Insight Analysis also allows you to examine correlations with the behaviors of clients that have become promoters. With this data, you can develop training and behavioral guidelines for internal use to gain more positive outcomes.

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