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What Your Peers Say

Traditionally, professional services firms have focused on creating greater efficiency in project delivery. Today, the focus is shifting – on time and on budget are table stakes. Firms are awakening to the importance of their clients’ experience as a key metric driving firm growth.

“In general, we show our aggregated client scores over the last 180 days. Usually that’s enough, but if we’re working with a new part of an existing client or offering a new service line, we’ll get more specific, and show examples of feedback from other sources within that client.

On one occasion, we had a prospective client say ‘you could be making this up.’ We took them into our website, showed him our Client Savvy surveys, and they looked at it and were amazed. We clicked on a low score and showed them our explanation and follow-up to that score. It blew them out of the water.”

Watch Lee tell his story.

Lee Jordan

Operations Manager, GATE, Inc.

“In just the first four months of this program, we identified five clients at risk worth $1.3 million annually. Simply discovering there were problems before the client left allowed us to right the course in each case. I’m happy to report that we are now performing work that meets and exceeds expectations for all five.”

Exclusive: Watch Kleinfelder’s presentation at the CXps Conference

Former VP Marketing and Communications, Kleinfelder

“Customer Experience is a concept that everyone is talking about these days. We are trained to focus primarily on the technical and too often forget about service: the importance of a positive, enjoyable, rewarding customer experience. We’ve worked with Client Savvy since 2008 and it has been extremely successful at driving a sense of stewardship of the customer to every member of our team.  We’ve seen a big boost in both customer and employee satisfaction. Client Savvy is a terrific, robust management aid – allowing us to stay well ahead of issues before they can develop into problems. I’m a big fan.”

Chris Browne

Senior VP, HOK

“We had a meeting with the CEO of a major client. We were able to demonstrate our excellence serving his team with feedback from over 22 events from 285 different people within his organization. He didn’t believe at first how positive the results were. The CEO not only didn’t believe us, he sent a memo to his staff requiring them to give us more feedback. Now our response rate increased by 50%, and our results actually improved. This data really helped us make an impact in a very difficult environment.”

Watch Pat tell his story.

Pat Edwards

Regional Manager, Burns & McDonnell