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Connect with your “raving fans” to grow.

As the leader of a successful professional services firm, you’re hopefully receiving a lot of positive feedback. How are you leveraging this positive feedback to generate more revenue?

A member of our client success team shared the feedback from a professional services client after reviewing their data. The client was pleasantly surprised to see the number of clients that are already raving fans. They are interested in pursuing the next step in the customer experience management journey – activating promoters.

Client feedback is invaluable on several fronts. Many firms look at feedback simply to identify dissatisfied clients and correct problems before the client ends a relationship.

If you’re already meeting and exceeding client expectations, then you likely have more promoters than detractors. That’s a great situation and one you can leverage.

Promoters can be a tremendous asset to grow your business. Word-of-mouth and referral marketing continue to be the most effective and least expensive. If you have a client that’s providing positive feedback, DO NOT let those kind words go to waste!

79.2% of clients are poised and ready to refer but don’t know how to do so.

Let your client know you appreciate the positive feedback. Talk to your client about what worked well and why that’s important to them. Learn how you created value and determine how you can continue to create value for your client.

Three Steps to Activating a Promoter

Activating a promoter includes three steps: research, relate, and react.


Research is the work you do to prepare for the conversation with the promoter. Start by reviewing all the feedback you’ve received from the client over the past 12 to 24 months. Talk to team members who have interacted with clients to get insights on their relationship and how success has been achieved. Have a list of three to five prospects your promoter may be able to introduce you to. You can find these prospects by looking at LinkedIn to see if your promoter is connected to people or companies you are targeting.


Being able to connect with the promoter in person is preferred. You can get a nuance of tone and connection because you’re sitting across from someone that you cannot get over the telephone. After exchanging pleasantries, review the projects the promoter has completed with your firm and recap how they were successful. Understand what your firm did “different and better” in your promoter’s eyes.

When you affirm success with your client, follow-up by asking if there are other people within their organization that might benefit from your services.

After you’ve probed for additional work and connections within your client’s company, ask about colleagues at other companies that may benefit from the work you did for the promoter.


Provide a written meeting report to the promoter confirming how you plan to continue to work to earn their trust and business. In the same report, include the names, title, and company of any contacts the promoter committed to making an introduction. Follow up all referrals with an invitation to connect and to meet for coffee, lunch, cocktails, or dinner, whatever is most appropriate for your industry and geography. Don’t sell in these meetings. Get to know the referral and their business. Share the work you’ve done with the promoter and see if that’s something the referral needs. Report all meetings with referrals back to your promoter client, share their challenge, and engage the promoter in helping you solve the challenge for the new prospect.

When you receive a referral, focus on over-delivering. When you do, you ensure the new client and the promoter are both pleased with the outcome.

Providing a great experience enhances your chances of obtaining additional referrals from both clients. This expands your business rapidly in the most efficient and effective way.

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